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If you are a motor trader that has already set up your motor trade premises, getting motor trade combined insurance is very essential. This kind of insurance provides you with cover both for your business and also your motor trade premises. As a motor trader, a combined insurance policy will safeguard you from any damage to your property and exposure to any liabilities.

Getting this type of insurance protects your business from damage to property and your vehicles as well as your premises are protected. You also get cover for you and your employees and their personal possessions. This is because trading from your premises usually attracts many other risks. If you have a garage, have MOT centers or any such type of businesses, you will also have invested in high priced machinery, tools, stock and vehicles.

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The combined policy covers you in a number of issues such as any damages that might occur to the premises that is owned by the business. This is also the case if you have a lease that stipulates that the business is accountable for any repairs to the building. The tools that are essential to the carry out the business as a motor trader will also be covered under this type of insurance.

Anything that is contained in the premises such as plant, fixtures and fittings and also machinery will be covered under this type of insurance. Should any theft occur within the premises, this will fall under the combined insurance cover. If any personal possessions of your employees or customers are within the premises, they will be covered under the same insurance policy.

Should any interruptions happen to your business, these losses will be covered by the combined insurance policy. Any vehicles that are held in the premises are covered against damages. This is both for the vehicles that are personally owned by owner of the business as well as those that are held in stock or are available at the premises for sale or repair.

This type of insurance is also expected to cover employer's liability, cover sales and service indemnity liability and also cover public liability. With the trade combined insurance, the trader has peace of mind because just about anything is covered. In the eventuality that anything unfortunate occurs, the trader can have the comfort of the insurance cover that is in place.

This type of insurance has been specifically designed for such types of business and it is essential for a business person to determine what the cover is all about. It is essential to find out what this type of cover has when looking at different insurance companies and price should not be the only consideration. It is also essential to find out what can be added on to this type of cover because many options are available for traders.

It is essential to find an insurance adviser with extensive experience in the motor industry to help you determine what your insurance needs are. Getting insurance that can cater to just about any eventuality is essential because no business wants to go at a loss. While insurance can be quite a complex matter, a specialist will help you simplify everything.